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updated 7/30/2010


SCCA Solo Divisional events are held each year to determine Divisional champions. These events are held in various regions throughout NORPAC.  The schedule varies depending on site availability each year for the Regions.

2011 Divisional Series Schedule

     San Francisco Feb 19-20                    RESULTS

     BigSky Helena Div June 11-12             RESULTS

     Packwood (National Tour) Jul 16-17    RESULTS

     2011 Divisional Series Class Winners - July 18, 2011

The Norpac Divisional Series is best 2 of 3, using the February SFR event, the June Montana event and the Packwood NT.

Points were awarded based on class placing, using the prosolo points schedule.

Here is the list of folks that won and thus qualified for that part of the Triad.  

AS - Rob Luis
CS - Chris Kannan
ES - Zach Heidepiem
HS - Richard Bangle
ST - Charlie Davis
STS - Kraig Klippel
STX - Michael Duncan
STR - Joel Ferguson
STU - Geoff Clark
STUL - Tasha Mikko
ASP - Rob Boynton
CSP - Scott Fraser
CP - Robert Davis
DP - Keith Brown
CM - Mike Billings
FM - Glen Barnhouse
FML - Angela Previte Barnhouse
SM - Don Nimi
SSM - Don Cisney

The Glutton for Punishment award went Michael Smith, the only person to do all three events, and he is not even a NORPAC member, he is from SOPAC.

Only five drivers won the Divisional series and the Western States Championship, 

Scott Fraser - CSP,
Geoff Clark - STU,
Tasha Mikko -STUL
Glen Barnhouse - FM
Angela Previte Barnhouse - FML


2010 Divisional Series Schedule

Northwest Divisional          Packwood Tour                        Results      August 6-8, 2010


2009 Divisional Series class winners - Corrected 10-6-09*


SS    Michael Vesecky

SSL   Mitzi Vesecky

AS     Guy Ankeny

BS     Brian Heitkotter

BSL   Carol Leuty

CS     Sean Green

CSL   Pam Kannan

FS     Jerry Lamb

FSL   Carol Christensen

GS     Rodd Tidd

HS     Rich Bangle *

STU   Geoff Clark

CSP  Scott Frasier

CSPL Tami Daniels

FSP   James Mueller

FSPL Bonnie Mueller

EP     Tom Ellan

XP     Mike Gregg

SM    Robert Davis

SMF  Gilbert Calkins

AM    John Hafner

DM    Ron Babb

FM    Glen Barnhouse (in a tie breaker)

FML   Angela Previte

Divisional Winners 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008 (PDF)


SCCA Solo also holds ProSolo and National Tour events each year all building for the finale held in Topeka to crown National Champions.

National Tour Schedule

ProSolo Schedule

ProSolo Class Champions 2005, 2006

National Tour Champions 2005. 2006, 2007



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